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About Gringo Motors

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More than a service, a new experience!

Do you know what “Gringo” means?

 It is a word used in Latin America or Spain to refer to a foreigner. It can also mean noncitizen, alien, or outlander.

 From our travel experience, we understood that everyone is a Gringo somewhere in the world.

“Hola” We are Gringos in an Aussieland. Our mechanic workshop was launched in November 2014, and then on the Gold Coast. Prior to this, we were well known in the industry for the resale of second-hand vehicles.

After having sold these motor vehicles to our clients, they would seek our expertise for their maintenance, leading us to create a space to do so.

We opened a very small workshop and within six months, the space was already too small, resulting in moving to find somewhere bigger.

Now, Gringo Motors operates in a much bigger workshop still, and our main purpose is to fix and maintain cars.

We became known as the first Brazilian mechanic workshop, but of course, we welcome dearly customers from all nationalities.”

Don’t let a second hand vehicle become a problem
a vital part of the car
keep you and your family safe

We have cars for sale and for rent

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